How to bridge/move $BASE

Move your $BASE from chain to chain

Moving $BASE is nice & easy, you can currently move up to 100,000,000 $BASE at one time.

Don’t move to or from ETH unless you have over $200 on Ethereum chain. As gas fees for ETH are high. We suggest, if you like low fees, do not use ETH. Instead, stick to Cronos, BNB, Fantom, Polygon or Avalanche.
It is currently not possible to bridge from Cronos as that chain is in Beta.

Defido Coin $BASE makes $0 from the use of the Bridge & there are no taxes

Step 1: Goto the bridge dAPP

Goto to

Step 2: Connect your wallet

Use ‘Metamask’ with MetaMask, Trustwallet, 1Inch, wallet etc.
User ‘Coinbase wallet’ for Coinbase mobile wallet.

Step 3: Choose your chain

For this example we chose Polygon

Step 4: Approve BASE

Step 5: Choose an amount & confirm

You can currently move up to 100,000,000 $BASE

Step 6: Bridge & pay the gas

Step 7: Wait for the chains to confirm

It can take some time for chains to confirm, just wait, if you want to come back later you can do so by saving the deposit transaction.

Step 7: (CONTINUED) Come back to your bridge link later, or ask someone else to pay!

Sometimes you don’t want to wait around, that’s ok, you can save your deposit transaction & ask someone else to pay, or come back your bridge later!

To do this, goto: and paste in your deposit TX hash, you can find this in your wallet, or you can find it on the explorer.

Finish the bridge!

Step 8: Change to the receiving chain

Press ‘switch network & claim’

Step 9: Claim/release your tokens

Step 10:

Check your wallet. In this case we moved to Fantom & our $BASE is there!

Step 11:

$BASE BABY $BASE Defido Coin for top dog RACE



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