What is Defido Coin $BASE?

What is Defido Coin $BASE?

Who is Defido?

Elon Musk tweets “Floki has arrived”
Elon Musk Tweets
Coinbase tweets “meet Defido” to Elon Musk
The boss replies & I am born

Who should buy Defido Coin $BASE?

Contract Address?

What was the starting market cap?

What chains?

More chains?

What is the starting supply?

Was liquidity locked?

Contract renounced?






When marketing?


Why should I join the $BASE race gang?

What market cap do you want?




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Defido Coin ($BASE)

I am Defido, Defido the dog ($BASE), famed Coinbase doggo, made famous by my assistant GrEg. Find me at defido.com, @defido on twitter & instagram.